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Cibus 2024: over 1000 innovative products along the new food routes

From the vegetable egg to the Modena balsamic vinegar chutney, up to the pink rice

Sustainability, well-being, new flavors and ingredients (often PDO and PGI). And also tradition, contamination and reinterpretation of taste. It is the journey of Cibus 2024 among the new food routes. The 22nd reference event for the Made in Italy agri-food sector (Parma Fair 7-10 May), the result of the consolidated collaboration with Federalimentare, allows you to discover the new products that draw the map of the main Italian food trends of the next years and which we will soon find on shelves: Health & Wellness, Taste of the world, Back to Nature, All Local and Comfort First.

The over 1000 new products present at Cibus - 100 of which are displayed in the Innovation Corner - the strong trend linked to health and well-being, so much so that the so-called Health & Wellness is a real trend with a whole series of products capable of improve both the body and the mind.

Cibus confirms that 2024 can be considered the year of collagen. The protein food, which is already popular among the bars of Paris, expands to other areas at the Parma event. We find it for example in the mixed meat protein broth based on 100% natural ingredients without glutamate or preservatives and also gluten-free, confirming how central the freeform trend still remains. Collagen also plays a leading role in high-protein, vegetarian and gluten-free bars or sugar-free drinks. The attention to well-being also passes through high-density condiments based on vinegar and rosehip juice (rich in vitamin C), to first courses with a high protein content and rich in fibre, such as pasta with lupins and minced plant- based, also rich in fiber and proteins, suitable for meatballs and sauces for lasagna and pasta. Also in the name of taste, sustainability and well-being are the soy-based tuna steaks, 100% plant based, processed and packaged entirely in Italy.

Halfway between green and wellness, tomato flour which, recovered from the tomato puree production process, promotes the circular economy. Returning to the world of beverages, try the watermelon water, designed in particular for children, which gives flavor to the water without the addition of sweeteners or the chamomile with griffonia, for a beneficial effect on sleep but above all on mood .

Cibus is also a journey through flavors and ingredients of the world, which often meet some renowned Italian agri-food products. Like the first chutney - a sweet and sour sauce of Indian origin - produced with Modena PGI balsamic vinegar or Himalayan pink salt with black summer truffle.

From the roof of the world to the Indian Ocean with the highly scented Taggiasca oil with bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. A journey that continues eastwards with curry sauce, the popular Chinese street food Bao (steamed buns) and sushi mayo. And it ends with a contamination of geographies with apricot, mango and passion fruit jam.

The over one thousand new products demonstrate the increasing attention of companies to the issues of sustainability and responsible consumption, in line with the ESG objectives outlined by the United Nations.

A back to nature which sees for example the debut of the vegetable egg, a plant-based mix for the preparation of both sweet and savory recipes. And the reinterpretation of typical traditional Italian recipes, such as farinata, which becomes a snack with crunchy chickpea puff pastries. Staying in the snacks: crispy-veg-chicken potatoes and beetroot present in their natural form, gnocchi-pops to be used as an alternative to chips and toasted legumes covered in chocolate.

Looking at sauces and condiments together with onion soy mayonnaise, we have the 100% natural rosé balsamic condiment with truffle, obtained with fine Ancellotta grape must, aged in oak barrels; the white maple balsamic dressing, the sweet and sour raspberry dressing and the saffron sauce.

Among the "first courses" worth mentioning is pink rice - the result of the processing of a particular variety of wholemeal black rice which, when husked, gives its grains their peculiar pink colour; among the cheeses there is blue berry cheese in Sicilian pomegranate puree and pecorino matured under walnut leaves.

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