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Jeff Bezos invests in plant-based

The richest man in the world participates in the 85 million NotCo round

Jeff Bezos , a well-known American entrepreneur and the first richest man in the world, invests in plant-based foods consisting mainly or entirely of plant-based nutrients. Bezos participated, for an undisclosed amount, in the $ 85 million round C of the Chilean startup "The Not Company" (NotCo).

Conceived in 2015 by biotechnology engineer Matías Muchnick , biochemist Pablo Zamora and computer scientist Karim Pichara , NotCo products are based on "Guiseppe", a discovery platform that identifies plant-based proteins capable of mimicking animal products. Using this technology, the company currently produces "NotMayo", "NotMilk", "NotIceCream", "NotBurger" and "NotMeat". This year NotCo has partnered with Papa John's and Burger King to bring its plant-based products to their meat-based menu in Chile.

After conquering Chile, Argentina and Brazil, the just concluded round C will help the company to expand out of South America, leading the United States, which in all likelihood will be followed by entry into Europe.

Jeff Bezos is not the first celebrity to have invested in alternative proteins. At his side we also find Bill Gates, Leonardo di Caprio, Oprah Winfrey, Jay-Z, Serena Williams and Lewis Hamilton. Kaszek Ventures managing partner Nicolas Szekasy, who participated in the round, said NotCo has all the potential to become the leading global player in the food tech sector. " During this uncertain period, consumers have increased their appetite for plant-based. In parallel, Covid-19 has allowed us to see that meat production is not only harmful to the environment and inefficient, but also that the its supply chain is fragile. We are therefore happy to see this turning point, in which plant-based products are the most important part of a new normal, thanks above all to the extraordinary flavor as in the case of NotCo."

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