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Jamòn Serrano, exports growing in 2020

Cjse records +0.39% despite Covid

The Spanish Consortium of Serrano Ham (Cjse) exported a total of 765,091 packaged pieces in 2020, a figure 0.39% higher than the previous year. This growth also contrasts with the annual decline of about 4% in the sector's exports. "Finally, after a very difficult year due to the advance of Covid-19, we have reached very interesting holding figures, as we have surpassed that of 2019 by 2,962 pieces", says Carlos del Hoyo , marketing and promotion director of the CJSE. After a drop in sales during the months of March and April, “we had a good second and third quarters; maintaining the holding data for Q4 2019, which was excellent. This is why we believe that, given the difficulties we have faced, the results have been positive”, continued del Hoyo.

Specifically, a total of 62,865 pieces were packaged in July, representing a growth rate of 26.09% and an increase of 13,008 units compared to the same period of the previous year. Similarly, June saw an increase of 15.96% compared to last year when a total of 53,378 pieces were packaged. Finally, last December 65,282 were packaged; 3,026 more than the same month in the previous year, which represents a monthly increase of 4.86% compared to the same month in 2019.

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