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Take the X hour for the bugs in the dish

Domestic cricket flour can be marketed yesterday: tomorrow it's the flour larvae's turn

Here we are, the insect is also served on the plate in the EU. Since yesterday, in fact, the partially defatted flour of Acheta domesticus-house cricket can be marketed after the European Union, on 4 January, authorized its placing on the market according to the provisions of the Commission Implementing Regulation of 3 January 2023, published in the Community Official Gazette.

From tomorrow 26 January, however, the marketing of the larvae of Alphitobius diaperinus, the minor mealworm, will start. Also in this case, a few days ago (January 18, precisely) the ok arrived from the EU which decreed the entry into force of the regulation authorizing the marketing of partially defatted flour: an announced ok, given that the The EU had already said yes in March 2022 to powdered and frozen crickets.

In the same forms, the migratory locust has already been marketed since the end of 2021, and the yellow larva of the flour (larva of Tenebrio molitor, or miller's tenebrione) since March 2022. The first insect to have been given the green light as a new food by EU member states on a proposal from the European Commission, it was precisely the larva of the miller tendril, but only in dried form, in June 2021.

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